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SYNERGEN Health is a trusted partner that helps healthcare organizations ensure financial success. Founded in 2011 by a group of professionals with a deep understanding of the dynamics within the complex healthcare landscape, the company specializes in transforming financial processes for providers and payers by implementing best practices from within and outside the healthcare industry.

What We Do

SYNERGEN Health utilizes technology, analytics and professional expertise to help partners maximize and realize their organization’s full revenue potential. We have refined and elevated what many refer to as revenue cycle management to be reimagined and achieved as “analytics powered revenue cycle transformation”.

Why We Do It

Founded on February 14th in year 2011, SYNERGEN Health LLC has grown exponentially while adding value to its clients. Having expanded its expertise to diverse specialties and large enterprise clients in revenue cycle management and analytics, SYNERGEN Health today maintains a strong presence in over 45 States in USA.

Our Mission

At SYNERGEN Health, our mission is to partner and transform our clients to achieve quality outcomes with high economic value. We’ll always do the right thing by our clients, associates and communities.

Our Vision

Bringing Innovation, Passion, and Success to our Partners.



We strive to innovate and transform ideas into new/improved solutions, services or processes, in order to advance, compete and differentiate ourselves successfully in the marketplace


We will be passionate in everything we do, from client service, learning, continuous improvement, knowledge sharing, teamwork and leadership


We will bring joy to our customers, shareholders, community and ourselves. In other words, we will have a blast!

Our Values



Customer, People, Shareholders and Organizational



For development and innovation



Aspiration, accountable and action orientated



Teamwork, knowledge and encouragement


Socially Responsible

Societal, integrity and commitment

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