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How is DOCTRIX® different from other healthcare data analytics or business intelligent platforms?

As a healthcare data discovery platform, DOCTRIX® transforms captured practice management and related information to numeric and graphical representation of an array of customizable practice performance key performance indicators that could be rapidly drilled down to the most granular level.

Does DOCTRIX® support mobile interactive healthcare analytics? What about iPad and iPhone?

No matter where you are you can now access your practice performance status within seconds as DOCTRIX® supports mobile interactive healthcare analytics.

What are the key features and functionalities included in DOCTRIX®?

  • Provides a snapshot of the practice performance that could be analyzed against past periods
  • Detection of patterns and trends of practice performance allowing predictive analysis on practice appointments, claims submission, charges, deposits, work RVUs, reimbursements, aging revenue, CPT Payor reimbursement mix and lots more
  • Self-exploratory and interactive dashboards that help monitor overall profitability of the practice
  • Ability to compare performance against benchmark KPIs
  • Granular level drill down to the transactions
  • Interchangeable graphical representation of data
  • Comprehensive practice performance from appointment scheduling through to aging revenue and patient collections
  • Customizable KPIs

How long will it take to develop a prototype of the DOCTRIX® dashboards platform integrated to my practice management system?

From the time the connectivity is established to the back-end database of the practice management system and data is retrievable in required and pre-agreed format, it would take 2-4 weeks to develop a standard prototype of the analytics dashboard.

Where can I get training on DOCTRIX® dashboards usage?

We provide you with comprehensive training on the usage of the dashboards, along with a comprehensive set of user manuals

Where are my files stored?

As a cloud-based solution the de-identified information is cached to the system memory in providing you this solution. If at any given time data needs to be stored on the cloud server, we do so only on HIPAA compliant service providers further to signing agreements on same.

Does DOCTRIX® meet HIPAA compliance guidelines?

Yes. We are an ISO 27001 and HIPAA compliant organization. Further to this, we proactively de-identify information that is used to create the dashboards. During data transfer and data syncs, SYNERGEN Health ensures that the transmission takes place in accordance to the protocols set by HIPAA and HITECH.

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