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Healthcare revenue cycle management solutions

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Flexible, scalable, and powerful healthcare revenue cycle management solutions

You might not need an enterprise solution at your healthcare organization, and SYNERGEN Health isn’t going to sell it to you—we operate with a flexible mindset, implementing only what you need to augment your RCM operations.

Our suite of solutions allows you to pick and choose, and we can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems:

  • Scale your operations
  • Reduce denied claims
  • Improve the collections process
  • Automate manual efforts
  • Accelerate cash flow

The point solution for every point in your healthcare revenue cycle management operations

DOCTRIX® Analytics

Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant proprietary software works to optimize your operations performance by continuously scanning for revenue risks, leakages, and inefficiencies across workflows with customized dashboards.

Learn more about DOCTRIX® Analytics

Client Bill

A billing service specifically designed to simplify the complexities around B2B invoicing, statement delivery, and payment tracking so your aged receivables no longer go uncollected.

Learn more about Client Bill

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our RCM process automation will save your organization hundreds of hours and eliminate human error by automating redundant processes and key tasks for front and back-end efficiencies.

Learn more about RCM process automation

Collections and Denial Management

Our intelligent and predictive engine proactively manages your collection and denial management process, simplifying the complexities, eliminating limitations of manual RCM workflows, and increasing productivity gains.

Learn more about CDMS


Streamline patient collections from pre-visit scheduling to post-visit follow-up via SYNERGEN Pay, our easy-to-use payment portal that allows organizations to efficiently manage their invoicing and receivables.

Learn more about SYNERGEN Pay
Disclaimer: Results shared on this website are the average performance of SYNERGEN Health clients. Results may vary by systems and processes.




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