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Urgent Care

Stay ahead of demand with specialized urgent care RCM services

Patient volume at urgent care centers has increased by 60% since the pandemic*, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Urgent care is booming, make sure your RCM is keeping pace

With such rapid growth, many facilities do not have the billing expertise, staff, or infrastructure to manage so many claims—resulting in delays between day of service and claim submission, ultimately leading to lost revenue.

Our in-house team of revenue cycle experts has the expertise and skill set to get your urgent care center on the path to increased profitability.

Learn how one urgent care embraced synergized RCM and saw increased revenue

City Doc

How effective RCM helped this urgent care increase revenue by 11% within 120 days.
Disclaimer: Results shared on this website are the average performance of SYNERGEN Health clients. Results may vary by systems and processes.




Case Studies

Wondering how your urgent care could benefit from synergized RCM?

Gain a holistic view of the current state of your urgent care’s RCM operations and discover opportunities for growth and improvement via our free opportunity assessment.

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