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DOCTRIX® Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive analytic technology to power your revenue cycle management

Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant proprietary software, DOCTRIX® Analytics, works to optimize your operations performance by continuously scanning for revenue risks, leakages, and inefficiencies across workflows.

Implementing the DOCTRIX® technology delivers the long-desired financial transparency across the organization that you and all of your stakeholders can trust.

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Keep a finger on the pulse of your RCM operations

With DOCTRIX®, you don’t have to spend hours analyzing a plethora of reports—we do it for you.

Our user-friendly dashboards give you a holistic view of your RCM operations and compare them to organization-specific KPIs and industry benchmarks.

  • Review critical RCM information in near real-time
  • Accessible from any device (for authorized users)
  • 400+ proprietary algorithms integrate into 21+ billing systems
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Requires no purchase or maintenance of hardware or software

DOCTRIX® Analytics Dashboard

Access diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive self-exploratory data analysis that allow for easy decision-making and forecasting on the overall profitability of your organization.

Deep dive into provider-specific performance analysis on key KPIs relating to:

  • Charges
  • Cases/claims
  • Deposits
  • 90+ accounts receivable %
  • Average charge/case or claim
RCM Dashboard
appointment analysis dashboard
Appointment Analysis

Better manage your appointment cycle with an appointment status-wide breakdown. Improve administration efficiencies:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Re-scheduling cancellations
  • Minimizing no-shows
claim submissions dashboard
Claim Submission

Monitor claims submission timelines against industry benchmarks:

  • Time between bill and date of service
  • Compare physician-wide efficiencies
We seamlessly integrate with
Disclaimer: Results shared on this website are the average performance of SYNERGEN Health clients. Results may vary by systems and processes.




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Wondering how DOCTRIX® Analytics could benefit your organization?

Gain a holistic view of the current state of your RCM operations and discover opportunities for growth and improvement via our free assessment.

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