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Synergize your RCM with our expertise in your specialty

In addition to RCM expertise for laboratories, hospital and health systems, ambulatory surgery centers, urgent cares, behavioral and mental health practices, and orthopedic groups, SYNERGEN Health provides innovative and customized solutions for ambulance service providers, oncology, audiology, and radiology organizations.

Ambulance Service Providers

Billing for ambulance services is quite different from other specialty medical claims as it is not associated with a diagnosis, which is the typical basis for a claim.

With specialty experience in billing for ambulance services, we apply our automation and AI technology to help you avoid the pitfalls that can negatively impact your revenue cycle.

revenue increase
first-pass resolution rate (FPRR)
days on average in accounts receivable (A/R)
ambulance billing icon

Oncology RCM Success Story

Learn how one oncology group solved its issues with cash flow, decreasing revenue, and increasing accounts receivables with synergized RCM services.

Oncology Services

Oncology care is complex, and so is billing for it.

We understand the specialty nuances from pre-authorization and verifying insurance coverage to ensuring management of the high-cost of drugs and appropriate reimbursement, all of which can impact your oncology practice’s bottom line. Deploy our innovative AI-driven technology and automation to make your RCM and team more efficient.

revenue increase
of claims resolved in 90 days or less
days on average in accounts receivable (A/R)


Billing for audiology services can be a wildcard for practices as coverages vary widely from payor to payor. Our team of specialty experts with audiology billing experience understands these nuances and can help your practice increase efficiencies and profitability by automating and using AI to advance your RCM operations.

Proof points:

revenue increase
of claims resolved in 90 days or less
days on average in accounts receivable (A/R)
audiology appointment
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Radiology RCM Success Story

Learn how one radiology group eliminated operational inefficiencies after partnering with SYNERGEN Health.


We understand the details needed to increase revenue and payment velocity for your practice by implementing a combination of automation and AI to transform your RCM.

increase in first-pass resolution rate (FPRR)
days on average in accounts receivable (A/R)
of claims paid within 60 days
Disclaimer: Results shared on this website are the average performance of SYNERGEN Health clients. Results may vary by systems and processes.




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