Revenue Cycle Transformation

Transformation of revenue cycle starts with optimizing and automating routine business processes. Our technology solutions are built to address challenges across the entire revenue cycle process from patient access to final account resolution powered by process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Since its inception SYNERGEN Health has expanded its expertise in strategic RCM specialties.

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Robotic Process Automation

Utilizes bots to automate front end and back end routine tasks in a more efficient and faster manner.

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Machine Learning Process & Artificial Intelligence

Drives intelligence by learning from past data to apply various techniques to determine the best outcome; without human intervention.

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Powerful analytics provide full visibility into the operational and financial performance into the revenue cycle organization. With predictive capabilities proactively identify the issues sooner than later.

SYNERGEN Health’s Opportunity Assessment

SYNERGEN Health’s Opportunity Assessment provides a holistic view into the health of your revenue cycle operations and the technology footprint used to support the operations.

Borrowed from manufacturing and technology industries, SYNERGEN Health has developed their own proprietary revenue cycle model to assess the maturity level of a client’s revenue cycle performance.

SYNERGEN Health’s Revenue Cycle Transformation Tool™ has a structured set of criteria to clearly determine the current level of maturity of your operations, technology footprint, and the resources required to reach the desired optimized level where operations are improved, efficiency increased, and costs are reduced.

Using this framework, we create a customized roadmap to transform your revenue cycle process. The outcome is a modernized revenue cycle process with consistent and predictable results that can be clearly defined, measured and optimized on an ongoing basis with advanced technology solutions.

Expected Benefits:

  • Current state financial and operational performance compared to best practice metrics
  • Evaluation of the technology landscape and capabilities that support the revenue cycle processes along with opportunities to scale for future growth
  • Identify quick wins and long-term opportunities
  • Roadmaps for priority setting activities to drive greater innovation towards future capabilities
  • Strong expertise in data analysis, business intelligence, and revenue cycle transformation

Add-on Revenue Improvement Services:

AR Recovery Services – Assist organizations in collecting written off and previously denied claims. Collected over $75M to date.

Underpayments Identification – Machine learning and data analysis used to identify underpayments based on past trends. Automates the appeal process to appeal bulk claims. On average, an organization experiences a 3-5% loss in revenue due to underpayments. Machine learning and data analysis is used to identify underpayments based on past trends. Automates the appeal process to appeal bulk claims.

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