Transform your collection and denial management process with CDMS

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Collections and Denials Management System

What Happens During Denial Management?

SYNERGEN Health's CDMS is an intelligent central automation hub that provides predictive nuances using machine learning to revolutionize your collection and denial management process. Suggestive follow up fixes, claim queue prioritization, powerful rules engine, dynamic workflow queues, and integrated knowledge management are just a few of the tools available in this unique solution.

Reimbursement and collection requirements are continually changing and getting evermore complex.  Without a process to analyze and automate these expanding tasks organizations are capped in their productivity gains.

Transform your current methodologies and evolve them through automation to help you achieve a more efficient and less manual RCM workflow.

CDMS with
Al + Machine Learning

  • Single platform for CBOs to manage collections and denial management.
  • Improved collection efficiency and productivity with built-in productivity tracking.
  • Customizable rule-based work queues to assign and track collection work.
  • AI based claim queue prioritization so that staff can focus on the right claims
  • Integrated knowledge management system to handle denials and appeal process.
  • Built-in work queues and alerts for high-risk claims.
  • Machine learning to guide corrective action based on historical data.
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Key Features

  • prescriptive dashboards icon Prescriptive
  • denial cause analysis compliant icon Denial
    Cause Analysis
  • denial patterns tracking icon Denial Patterns
  • machine learning based fixes icon Machine Learning
    Based Fixes
  • easy controlled collection planning icon Easy Controlled
    Collection Planning
  • rules engine and work que management icon Rules Engine and
    Work Queue Management
  • optimized denial prevention management icon Optimized Denial
    Prevention Management
  • predictive nuances icon Predictive
  • efficient and effective collections icon Efficient and
    Effective Collections
  • maximized collections revenue icon Maximized
    Collections Revenue

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