Simplifying the Complexities of Business to Business (B2B) Billing.

Elevate your organization’s ability to manage enterprise level billing with Client Bill.

SYNERGEN Client Bill is an innovative solution that simplifies the complexities of Business to Business (B2B) Billing into a manageable and fluid process.

Lack of proper management around B2B billing strategies can lead to significant revenue shortfalls for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Organizations need data tools to visualize and work open balances and disputes to create stronger accountability and faster reconciliation of their B2B payment activity.

Boost your staff’s ability to transact efficiently and influence timely payments through the power of SYNERGEN Client Bill.

About Client Bill

SYNERGEN Client Bill provides a convenient, electronic portal that allows for the seamless exchange of invoices and payments, complete with dispute and resolution management tools to significantly improve efficiency, reduce processing times, and improving cash collection times.

SYNERGEN Client Bill can be deployed independently or as part of SYNERGEN’s larger RCM Transformation Platform. SYNERGEN’s solutions are designed to seamlessly scale, support and streamline a health care organization’s revenue infrastructure. Through robotic automation and data analytics SYNERGEN drives sustainable improvements to reduce operating costs and optimize payer-provider collaboration.

Laptop displaying SYNERGEN Pay functionality

Key Capabilities

  • international locations 400 domestic and
    international locations
  • 15 countries and 10
                                                        international currencies 15 countries and
    10 international currencies
  • 50% increase in
                                                        cash collections 50% increase in
    cash collections
  • 40% increase in
                                                        turn-around-time 40% increase in

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