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SYNERGEN Health recognized in Gartner’s 2020 HDO CIOs’ Key Insights to Revenue Cycle Modernization and Transformation

By August 11, 2020September 12th, 2023No Comments

Dallas-based RCM company named as a Representative Vendor of interfaced, stand-alone best-of-breed solutions

GartnerDALLAS – August 11, 2020 – SYNERGEN Health, a leader in technology and data-driven revenue cycle optimization solutions for health care organizations, today announced it has been listed as a Representative Vendor of interfaced, stand-alone best-of-breed solutions in the HDO CIOs’ Key Insights to Revenue Cycle Modernization and Transformation report, by leading research and advisory company, Gartner.

“We’re thrilled Gartner has recognized SYNERGEN Health as a Representative Vendor,” said Sunil Konda, vice president products and technology, SYNERGEN Health. “We strive to provide break-through revenue cycle solutions through our innovative analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. For us this recognition is a testament to our commitment and drive to offer industry leading solutions to help our client partners maximize and realize their full revenue potential.”

According to the Gartner report, “HDO CFOs, CEOs, CMOs and COOs require pervasive enterprise visibility across revenue cycle management (RCM) domains to make the necessary business course-corrections that enable revenue growth.”

“We believe SYNERGEN Health’s revenue cycle analytics solution DOCTRIX® provides this critical visibility to further drive improvements,” continued Konda.

Due to the large-scale impact of COVID-19, many practices are currently being tasked with maintaining cashflow levels and controlling costs with diminished resources. Health organization leaders and stakeholders are taking this opportunity to reassess their revenue cycle processes and technology environments to identify areas where enhanced solutions can increase efficiencies and dramatically minimize disruptions.

“In today’s health care environment, there’s no room for operational inefficiencies,” said Duminda Gunawardena, managing partner, SYNERGEN Health. “The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing health care leaders to immediately address their administrative workflows and productivity levels while optimizing administrative costs to grow revenue. SYNERGEN Health’s AI-driven denial management solution has been shown to increase organizational efficiency by 30%. These are the kinds of RCM tools health care organizations must leverage to be successful.”

Gartner’s report also states that “Revenue growth and cost optimization are HDO imperatives. RCM technology, although key to integrating and aligning resources to achieve quality outcomes and financial objectives, is not the same as modernized RCM”. The report continues to say, “Modernize RCM systems by onboarding the latest RCM capabilities that drive the highest levels of revenue collection as part of organization-wide revenue cycle transformation.”.

SYNERGEN Health was named among 12 companies listed as Representative Vendors of integrated, stand-alone best-of-breed RCM technology solutions. The report states, “these solution providers offers applications or services across a broad range of functions, such as patient scheduling and eligibility, enterprise content management, charge capture, RTPDI, coding, billing and claims processing, denials management, and physician practice. These vendors also offer complementary and sometimes competing functionality to mega-suite solutions or core RCM systems.

About SYNERGEN Health

Founded in 2011, SYNERGEN Health is a pioneer in the technology and data-driven revenue cycle transformation for the U.S. health care industry. SYNERGEN Health provides complete revenue cycle services, advanced analytics, payment solutions, machine learning, robotic process automation, consulting services and other software solutions. For more information, visit: