Revenue Cycle Transformation
for Laboratory Diagnostics

We’ve helped Laboratories increase their revenue by 15-200%.

A Specialized Service to Boost Your Financial Performance.

SYNERGEN Health partners with its clients to deliver complete Revenue Cycle Transformation solutions to laboratory to provide the control and the visibility to make decisions and the confidence that no funds are left uncollected.

Your Challenges

Laboratory Practices find it challenging to increase their revenue

Days from sample collection to claim submission

Revenue loss due to coding guidelines(AMA vs. CMS)

Revenue Loss due to Under-Optimized Fee Schedule

Annual Referring Physicians and Sales Rep Attrition

How we help your Laboratory Practice?

Our Data-Driven Assessment would provide you with

  • A Revenue potential estimate specifically calculated for your Practice
  • An objective analysis of your current RCM performance levels vs. Industry benchmarks
  • Insights and recommendations on Industry best practices to be implemented based on findings
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices Scheduling
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices Claims Submission Claims Submission
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices production Production
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices Posting Posting
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices Denial Management Denial Management
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices Collections Collections
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices again Aging
  • Laboratory Diagnostics practices Reimbursement Performance Reimbursement Performance

Case Studies

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