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Why medical practices need to automate the prior authorization process

June, 2023

The intricacies of health care management pose a constant challenge in our quest to provide optimum patient care. A significant obstacle is the prior authorization ...

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With A Recession Looming, Here's How Practices Can Ensure Minimal Revenue Loss

June, 2023

Healthcare systems driven by insurers fronting most of their members' healthcare bills have allowed hospitals to be relatively immune to economic downturns in the past. However, this dynamic began ...

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How health care systems can safeguard patients and profits amid a recession

April, 2023

Health care systems have historically been able to withstand economic downturns because of support from insurers that paid most of their members' medical expenses. As consumer-directed health plans ...

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Automating Revenue Cycle Is Helping Providers Cut Down On Administrative Costs Amid a Potentially Looming Recession

January, 2023

Almost a quarter of U.S. national health expenditures go toward administrative costs. In revenue cycle, rising costs continue to escalate which negatively impacts ...

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Top Tips for Relieving Rev Cycle Administrative Costs Through Automation

November, 2022

Revenue cycle leaders have been tasked with helping to tighten the belt of hospitals as rising expenses continue to wreak havoc on hospitals and health systems across the country ...

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Talent Tuesday: Combat Health Staffing Shortages With Automation

September , 2022

Over the past three years, industries across the nation have felt the effects of labor shortages - but none more than the healthcare industry. Few organizations have effectively traversed the nationwide ...

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How Automating the Revenue Cycle Can Eliminate Burnout and Strengthen Provider-Payer Alignment

August , 2022

For administrative healthcare employees who handle the correspondence and collaboration between payers and providers, feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and like it’s impossible to stay ahead ...

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Putting A Price on Transparency: The Patient Payment Challenge for Payers and Providers

November , 2021

The healthcare revenue cycle is an unnecessarily complex tangle of patients, providers, employers, and insurance companies. Patients and other parties are often frustrated with medical claim submission ...

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How much revenue is your healthcare practice losing due to inefficient revenue cycle processes?

May , 2021

Inefficient processes across the revenue cycle collectively cost healthcare practices billions of dollars each year. In the United States alone, the industry could have saved $16.3 billion in 2020, or 42% of the $39 billion spent on ...

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Improve Capturing Revenue within Radiology Groups

April , 2021

Currently, radiology practices face several challenges, such as decreased utilization during COVID-19, payer reimbursement policy changes, and consumerization of healthcare. A decrease in utilization has ...

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Best Small and Medium IT/ITES Workplaces in Sri Lanka 2020

May, 2020

In a time when Information Technology is the lifeblood of the global economy, the sector which is keeping alive those businesses which are able to adapt to remote function during the COVID-19 lockdown, it ...

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What Health Organizations Need to Know About the CARES Act’s Tax and Loan Provisions

March, 2020

As the pandemic continues to develop and negatively impact the U.S. and global economy, health practices in Texas and across the nation are being forced to plan for ...

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Are You Ready for the Trump Administration’s New Price Transparency Rules?

November, 2019

In November 2019, two new rules that require pricing information to be made public were finalized by executive order and announced by the Trump administration. The rules ...

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Checklist Items for Selecting a Compliant Vendor

August, 2019

There is no quick and easy way to select a vendor to trust with HIPAA-sensitive data. It requires some legwork to determine what kind of security they have in place and possibly identify any shortcomings ...

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LMD - Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka | Profile

July, 2019

Senior management plays a major role in making SYNERGEN Health a great place to work by defining the core values practised within the company. The company's DNA - comprising innovation ...

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SYNERGEN Health listed in Becker Hospital Review’s Revenue Cycle Companies to know in 2019

April, 2019

Hospitals, health systems, physician practices and healthcare organizations are experiencing increasingly complex revenue cycles, working with government and private payers ...

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Leveraging Machine Learning for Value-based Operations

March, 2019

As more healthcare providers transition to value-based medicine, the bundled payment model is rapidly gaining popularity. According to a June 2018 report, 150 million U.S. patients are ...

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How Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation Tools Significantly Improve Revenue Cycle Management

September, 2018

Ensuring successful revenue cycle management comes down to how proficient health care organizations are at optimizing processes, utilization of staff and the latest technology. More health...

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DFW’s Health Scene Seizes 27 Spots On The Inc. 5000

August, 2018

More than two dozen North Texas companies within the health sector made this year’s Inc. 5000 list, another sign of the industry’s economic standing in the region. The annual list ranks...

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Powerful RCM Solutions

July, 2018

SYNERGEN Health has built a vibrant, growing business by staying focused first and foremost on providing the RCM outcomes clients seek, and then delivering those benefits on the best technology platform...

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Inside the World of SYNERGEN Health

October, 2016

Big letters outside the building read HNB Grameen. But we’re at the towering structure down Nawala Road to visit a different office, nestled inside. A large orange sign lets us know we’ve unmistakably arrived at SYNERGEN Health. If the name...

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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2016

June, 2016

SYNERGEN Health is a provider of technology enabled healthcare financial and revenue cycle solutions. Founded in 2011 by a group of professionals with a deep understanding of the dynamics within the complex healthcare landscape, the company...

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From a silent world to a world of sound

December, 2014

It was nothing short of a miracle for those who experienced it. There were tears of joy as around 1,760 northerners and easterners made the journey from a silent world into the world of sound at the Air Force grounds in Colombo...

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Starkey Hearing Foundation Mission to Sri Lanka

November, 2014

November’s Colombo, Sri Lanka mission, it was a new partnership with SYNERGEN Health founders Mel and Duminda Gunawardena. After attending the Gala, the Gunawardena brothers were inspired to bring the gift of hearing to their home...

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